5 Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

Whether a furry friend has recently come into your life or you’re a seasoned pet owner, sharing your home with dogs or cats can bring endless joy and companionship. But it can also wreak havoc on your carefully cleaned home, spotless floors and hair-free furniture.

Here are some quick tips to help you keep your home clean when you have a pet…

1. Keep home comforts clean

It’s easy to blame your pet for bad odours, but pet beds, litter trays and toys can all be to blame if not looked after. Ensure you wash your pet’s bedding, food and water bowls and any machine-washable soft toys weekly. Scented liners make the task of emptying your cat’s litter tray far easier and more pleasant, keeping the tray itself hygienic and masking any odours with a neutral scent.

2. Deodorise carpets

Carpet pile can not only trap hairs but also pet dander and debris brought in from outside. Regular vacuuming will keep on top of the problem, especially if your vacuum has suction control to adjust your cleaning power for long and short-pile carpets and rugs – make sure to vacuum in multiple directions for best results. You can also use vinegar to neutralise musty smells – simply mix 1-part white vinegar with 2-parts warm water in a spray bottle, spritz the carpet in question and leave it to air dry.

3. Multi-purpose accessories

Rather than sweating through their skin like humans, dogs cool down through their mouths – which explains why some dogs drool, especially in hot weather. If your dog is happy to wear one, a crisp cotton bandana can act as a bib to catch excess drool – and they’re super easy to throw in the washing machine.

4. Identify destructive behaviour

It can be frustrating when a pet’s habits damage your home, but if your pet is scratching at the door or furniture, telling them off is unlikely to change the behaviour. Instead, find out why they are scratching. From separation anxiety to excess energy, treating the root cause is the most productive solution. If they want your attention to go outside, try training them into an alternative method – provide a bell they can nudge to get attention, or make sure to notice when they sit near the door. Cats often scratch to mark territory and shed their claw sheaths – it can help to provide a scratching post they are allowed to use.

5. Steam clean hard floors

From kitchen tiles to hallway hardwood floors, steam mops are an easy way to clean and sanitise hard floors using steam alone – there’s no need for cleaning fluids or harsh chemicals, so they’re perfect for homes with pets. Shark offers a wide range of steam floor cleaners, from manual to automatic models – perfect for cleaning mucky pawprints off hard floors.