5 Chemical-Free Cleaning Ideas

Chemical-based cleaning products can produce indoor air pollutants that can irritate the eyes and throat and aggravate asthma. But deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to mean using harsh chemicals…

Check out these natural ways to clean your home – offering a little extra reassurance for homes with children and pets or those who are becoming eco-conscious.

1. Go coco-nuts for coconut oil

Aside from being a delicious cooking ingredient, coconut oil has a plethora of household uses – removing sticky labels from glass jars, cleaning streaks from stainless-steel appliances, loosening sticky chewing gum from carpets, and more. But it really comes into its own as a natural alternative to aerosol furniture polish.

How? From kitchen chairs and dining tables to chopping boards, coconut oil moisturises wood and restores natural colours. First wash your wooden furniture down with soapy water. When thoroughly dry, use a clean cloth to rub coconut oil evenly into the surface. Leave for 15 minutes then buff in small circles. For a polished finish, add 1-part lemon juice to 2-parts coconut oil.

2. Vinegar is your new best friend

The worst-kept secret in chemical-free cleaning, white vinegar diluted with water is a great all-purpose cleaner, removing grease and soap scum from kitchen worktops, bathrooms and more.

How? Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use as you would a shop-bought disinfectant. Make sure to dilute the vinegar properly or the acid may damage some surfaces, such as grouting. It can also discolour some surfaces, so always test a small, hidden area first. While it’s not recommended for use on marble, baking soda offers a suitable alternative.

3. Go down the drain

At school, did you ever combine baking soda with vinegar to create a volcano-like explosion? This trick can be used to clean out shower, bath and sink drains – without using caustic ingredients and without worrying about damaging pipes.

How? Pour baking soda down the drain, followed by enough vinegar to create a foaming action. Leave the foam to settle, then repeat. Allow the drain to sit unused for as long as possible before rinsing with warm water to wash away any loosened debris.

4. Paint the aisles green

Keen to go green but short on time? You don’t have to DIY every cleaning product. Look for natural, eco-friendly alternative cleaning products in the supermarket to get the same great results with less elbow grease.

How? Look out for products labelled ‘non-toxic’, while ‘biodegradable’, ‘recyclable packaging’ or ‘packaging from recycled materials’ and ‘natural fragrances’ are great if your concerns are environmental. You can also switch plastic scourers for natural loofah sponges and biodegradable bamboo washing up brushes, and replace disposable wipes with reusable microfibre cloths. Always store cleaning products out of reach of children.

5. Clean with the power of steam

Did you know you can easily clean and sanitise hard floors, remove household bacteria and lift stubborn dirt with water alone?

How? Designed for use on all sealed hard floors including tile, hardwood and stone, Shark’s steam mops can clean and sanitise up to 99% bacteria* without harsh chemicals. With manual and automatic options available, easily tackle everyday dirt and heavy traffic areas – perfect for muddy boots, mucky pawprints and kitchen spills. Choose a Lift-Away steam mop to extend chemical-free steam cleaning to other hard surfaces in your home, such as glass, tiles, showers, taps and more.

*Sanitisation studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary. See Instruction Booklet for details.