3 ways to get the family involved in cleaning

Got the whole household at home? A chore shared is a chore halved. Try these tricks to get everyone helping and make cleaning tasks whizz by in a flash.

1. Pump up the volume

As the saying goes, ‘work hard, play hard!’

Music makes everything more fun, so throw on your favourite tunes, turn up the volume and get dancing. What’s more, a beat can help give rhythm to your tasks and may even get you cleaning faster – now that’s sure to hit the right note.

2. Make tidying into a game

Perfect for little ones, try a game of “Put away anything red/anything soft/anything that lives in the toy box” – and before you know it, cleaning up has become a fun task.

You can even make it into a competition – who can pick up the most pieces? Set a time limit and see if they can ‘beat the clock’.  Soon enough the floor will be clear.

3. Promise them a treat

It might sound like good old-fashioned bribery… because it is! Working hard for a reward can be a satisfying motivator at all ages.

Whilst kids might be tempted by a tasty treat or screen time with their favourite program, fellow adults may be convinced to vacuum today if you wash up tomorrow – it’s all about compromise!