3 cleaning tips to get your home Easter-ready

We’ve rounded up a basket-load of quick cleaning tips to get your home spotless in a flash – perfect for celebrating Easter at home.

Planning an Easter egg hunt?

An Easter egg hunt is a great way to keep little ones entertained at home, while letting them burn off some energy. Why not take the opportunity to spruce up your home’s exterior while checking the garden is safe for egg-hunters to find their treasure?

For an instant refresh, sweep away fallen leaves, cut back any thorny brambles and overgrown branches. Wash windows using one part hot water and one part distilled vinegar to leave them naturally shiny and free of dirt and cobwebs. Cut the grass – but leave a longer area to hide those all-important eggs!

Movie night on the sofa?

Staying in is the new going out! A clean home is sure to make for a more relaxing evening.

Prep starts in the day – if you can, take advantage of the spring sunshine to dry your freshly-washed bedlinen and towels outside.

Vacuuming sofa upholstery and plumping up cushions ensures you will have somewhere nice to sit. Why not make cinema-style treats like popcorn to give your evening that authentic feel?

Having a craft-ernoon?

At-home crafting activities are fun for all ages. But if you’re getting messy with glitter, paint and glue you’re sure to have quite the clean-up on your hands.

Before you start: Ensure little ones are as covered up as possible – cooking aprons or old clothes are perfect for this. If it’s not possible to craft outside, put down mats or newspaper to protect your table and floor.

When the mess is made: If the mess is dry, such as glitter, shredded paper or soil, your vacuum should be able to handle it. Start on the floor, then use an attachment to tackle seats and surfaces. A cordless vacuum is ideal for quick clean-ups like this, letting you move freely without a power cord.

Top tip: We all know glitter gets everywhere – try removing static pieces from fabrics and furnishings with a lint roller.

Remember, never use your vacuum cleaner on a wet surface. If little ones have been getting messy with paint or water, try a steam mop instead to instantly clean hard floors with no harsh chemicals – just the power of steam.