15 Surprising Uses for a Shark Steam Cleaner

by SharkClean
on 14 February 2017

Whether you’re using the Shark Lift-Away 2 in 1 Steam Cleaner or the Shark Handheld Steamer in your home, you may not yet realise just how versatile your cleaning system is. These versatile, easy-to-use steam cleaners do far more than clean your floors; they are capable of cleaning just about any type of surface in the home.

If you’re like most householders, you probably keep a huge inventory of cleaning products and tools. Certain tools are needed for certain jobs, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Having just one Shark steam cleaning system in your home will give you everything you need to perform dozens of cleaning tasks.

These 15 surprising uses for a Shark steam cleaner prove that less really can mean more when it comes to keeping your home spick and span.

1. Disinfect door handles and light switches

Light switches and door handles can harbour very high levels of bacteria due to repeated contact with hands. A Shark steam cleaner kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, and cleaning switches and handles in your home with the power of steam alone is easy with the right tools and attachments.

2. Cleaning barbecue grills

The average barbecue is usually caked in carbonised food and grease. Instead of scrubbing to within an inch of your life, let the power of steam cut through the nastiness and leave your grill sparkling.

3. Cleaning patio furniture

Plastic and metal patio furniture can become dirty and plastered with dead bugs very quickly during the summer months. Instead of chiseling away at insect carcasses for hours at a time, use the Shark Handheld Cleaner to blast them free in a matter of seconds.

4. Cleaning your car

The cost of a professional clean by a car valet service can be very high, but you can do it yourself with the Shark Lift-Away 2 in 1 Steam cleaner. Armed with the various tools and attachments, you can clean everything from your seats and carpets to your engine and wheel trims.

5. Cleaning toilets

Cleaning a toilet is always one of life’s more unpleasant cleaning duties. It is not enough to simply give it a dose of bleach and a quick wipe. Waste and dirt can accumulate around the hinges of the seat and under the rim, which means detailed, concentrated cleaning is essential. Using the power of steam will clean and sanitise at the same time — and you won’t need to get your hands dirty!

6. Descaling taps

Limescale and hard water deposits can make your taps look dirty and grimey, and removing these unsightly accumulations is never easy. But a concentrated jet of superheated steam should do the trick with the minimum of effort.

7. Removing creases

Have you ever noticed an unsightly wrinkle or crease on your clothes just before you’re about to leave for work? Instead of removing the offending garment and ironing it, a quick blast of steam could do the trick. Of course, you should always check the label before cleaning any item of clothing with steam.

8. Cleaning a mattress

Mattresses can often be covered in dead skin, sweat and bacteria, which is why they need to be cleaned regularly. The power of steam is great for removing mites, skin and stains, and it also reduces bacteria to trace levels.

9. Cleaning toys

If you’re a parent, you will know that every toy will, sooner or later, end up in the mouth of a baby or toddler. Instead of sanitising them with potentially harmful sprays and solutions, use the superheated steam from your Shark steam cleaner to remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria that lurks on the toys in your home.

10. Cleaning your refrigerator

Cleaning the average household fridge is a big job that often requires an element of preparation and contact time. However, by using the power of steam to cut through accumulated food, milk and general nastiness you can speed up the process considerably. The power of steam alone is just as effective as most of the leading commercial sanitisers you’ll find in the supermarket.

When you have a Shark steam cleaner at your side, there’s nothing in your home you can’t clean.