10 Simple Ways to Cheer Up Your Home in Winter

by SharkClean
on 25 January 2018

The dark days of winter can leave your home, and the people in it, feeling rather dreary. But you can fight the winter blues by making some simple and subtle changes to the main rooms in your property.

They say that a change is as good as a rest, and that’s certainly true when it comes to making changes to your home’s layout and decor. Here are 10 ways to liven up your home for a cheerier winter — without redecorating.

1. Scatter some colourful cushions

You can brighten up your main living areas by scattering a few brightly coloured cushions around. Choose vivid tones and eye-catching designs, but be careful with your choice of colours. Too many clashing colours could make your room look smaller and uncomfortable.

2. Add some art

Add some summer colours to any area of your home with the addition of some art. Try to steer clear of portraits and landscapes, and look for abstract art, photography and murals that explode with colour.

Tip: Get yourself to local markets and car boot sales in search of old picture frames. You can then spray paint them with bright colours to inject some real character into your home for winter.

3. Cluster or pendant lights

Some colourful pendant or cluster lighting can transform a room with the minimum of effort. You’ll find some wonderful, multi-coloured chandeliers in speciality shops these days — many of which shine several vibrant colours around a room simultaneously.

4. Change your curtains

Particularly if your room is south-facing, the addition of some lighter, more colourful curtains can cheer up a space instantly. A bright, vivid primary colour against the backdrop of more neutral shades always works well.

5. Add rugs and mats

The addition of a rug or mat here and there could completely transform your room. Once again, look for bright, vivid primary colours that are in keeping with the rest of your decor. It’s also a good idea to choose a tactile fabric that provides contrast.

6. Go large

Large, oversized paintings and mirrors can give a room a completely different dimension. Opt for bright colours, and position mirrors directly opposite windows to make the best possible use of natural sunlight. The bigger the wall, the bigger the hanging should be.

7. Invite nature into your home

A great way to make a home feel happier and cheerier during a long, cold and dark winter is to inject a little summer into it. You can do this by adding some summer-blooming flowers, or even some photos of them. Alternatively, the careful placement of green plants can change the aesthetic of a room and purify the air at the same time.

8. Create a feature wall

In the main living areas of your home, choose one wall to paint a different colour — quite often the largest wall in the room. Paint it a bright, vivid colour, and add some matching furnishings and accessories. You can theme your wall too by adding various photos, collectibles and artworks.

9. Open up your kitchen cabinets

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, make it as welcoming and warm as possible during the winter. One way to do this is by opening up a few eye-level storage cabinets. Display some of your most eye-catching and colourful kitchen accessories in these areas to brighten up the space with the minimum of effort and disruption.

10. Paint some old furniture

By painting an old bookcase or storage chest a bright colour, you can use it to inject some warmth into any room. If you don’t have anything to paint, pick up an old item from a market or car boot sale. For instance, you can make a colourful set of storage shelves by removing the doors of an old wardrobe and painting it.


Remember: you don’t need to bring in the decorators to cheer up your home for winter — a few injections of colour here and there should suffice.